Sacramento ILG

Welcome to the Sacramento ILG Website! is the online home for the Sacramento Industry Liason Group (SACILG).

Our Mission:

The Sacramento Industry Liaison Group (SACILG), comprised of Sacramento and surrounding counties, is composed of equal employment and affirmative action professionals, workforce diversity practitioners, human resource management, employment attorneys, economists and individuals with similar interests and concerns regarding EEO/AA and Workforce Diversity.

Our mission is to:

  • Unite organizations who desire to engage in and improve their efforts in EEO, Affirmative Action, Workforce Diversity, and Workplace Inclusion.
  • Develop/communicate best practices and innovative approaches in removing barriers that hinder progress for equal employment.
  • Influence a productive dialogue and collaboration between industry, education, civil rights constituencies and the OFCCP.
  • Provide a forum for industry and the OFCCP to meet and reason together by exploring and developing ongoing methods of communication and sharing of technical expertise/assistance on industry-wide issues of mutual concern.
  • Educate our members on developments regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative action and related regulatory changes.